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+1, Milan Kajganić, Serbia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

The essence of +1 stool is the message that its design, function and story carry. The idea is to connect and bring people together through the product. In small apartments the user will use two stacked stools as a chair, when a friend comes to him he will give him one stool, sit down and talk. +1 stool is a multifunctional object, it can be used as a stool, as a side table or if we stack them on top of each other, we can use them as a chair because of height 44.5 cm or the average height of the chair. +1 stool is made of plywood boards, with only veneer sheets on the face and back of the stool, two layers of flexible thinly cut wood in between, thus reducing the use of glue. This method had a favourable effect on the weight of the stool itself.


I was born in 1993 in Belgrade. I graduated in 2017 at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Furniture Design. Then I enrolled in master’s studies at the same faculty, where I focus even more on design and the meaning of desig. I am a designer. My interests are people, products and planet earth. My task is to try to connect people with products in the best and smartest way possible, without harming the planet we live on. I think that design as a scientific and technological discipline is more necessary than ever. Design should serve us as a tool to help us fight against illogical things, against chaos, design is there to create order. My passion is designing objects that surround us every day, that can make our lives easier and better. Objects that can make us think better, inspire us, perceive reality differently. Objects that do not endanger us humans, nor the environment in which we live. The goal of design should not be a mere aesthetic that is there to satisfy the simple capitalist demands for profit, design should serve man and his needs.


Instagram: @milan_kad