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BIOCARPET, Arpad Pulai, Serbia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

Biocarpet is an experimental textile surface designed with the help of woolen fibers realized by felting technique. Special attention is paid to the applying of tactile and biomimetic structures on the carpet underlying the topics: recycling, biodiversity and the use of natural materials.The city is full of synthetic materials that are unpleasant to  touch and our homes are structured of sharp and flat surfaces. Carpet structures should soften the urban architecture of the city and return nature to our rooms. I have always been a nature lover. Business obligations prevented me from going to nature, which I wanted to introduce into my daily routine in some way. Textile structures are the answer to my need for nature.

Biography: Arpad Pulai (1986, Vrbas) graduated from the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Textiles. He is currently working as an artistic associate in teaching at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, Department of Textiles. Since 2011, Arpad has been exhibiting works of art in the field of textile design and art. He is a member of ULUPUDS and the European Textile Network. Arpad was engaged in patina of clothes for the film production. He is the winner of several awards, such as the Grand Prize at the45th May Exhibition for the work “Textile wall partition made of thermal press” in2013, and the Art Award Nagyapáti Kukac Péter for 2017. Arpad’s works are in the collection of Atelier61, the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Niš and the Museum of Applied Arts in Belgrade. He is founder of the association of citizens entitled Čunak, which aims to revalue textile techniques, work on horizontal and vertical looms, training in hand and machine knitting and conducting of art-textile workshops. Arpad is a member of the artistic council of Atelje 61. In his works, he mainly deals with sociological topics, the sustainability of textile design within ecological, natural materials and recycling. He worked at the Bogdan Šuput School of Design in Novi Sad, as a professor of Textile Design. In 2019, Arpad enrolled in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Applied Arts, where he researches textile structures under the influence of biomimetics, which for him is an imperative for the creative development of textile design.