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Unluckies, Maja Repotočnik, Slovenia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

My goal is to share environmental awareness, starting with educating the kids – through a toy with a story. Unluckies are soft toys in the shape of endangered animals: Kiwi Okarito bird, North Atlantic right whale and Sumatran Rhino. Each toy has a hidden message in their tummy – which is a plastic cap. It serves as a reminder that we should take better care of our planet which we share with all living creatures. The toys are conversational starters which spark meaningful debates about the ecology. While lying on our sofa, they also subtly remind us that we should take better care of our planet.

My vision is that kids develop an emotional connection with the toy and the ecology that the toy represents and grow up to more eco-conscious adults. Furthermore – the toys are crafted from the textile made from recycled plastic bottles.


Maja Repotocnik is a Slovenian industrial designer with a bright vision of smart solutions. With a great interest in sustainable design, she tries to keep the entire design and production process completely local.


Instagram: @unluckies_toys