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The Last Jar of Honey, Katarina Trpčić, Croatia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

Through a personal family story, with a focus on the challenges of the grandfather beekeeper, the project deals with the topic of the general crisis of stationed bee communities in Croatia, but also around the world. After this year’s spring yield proved to be the weakest so far, with large losses within communities, the project through dystopia strive to raise awareness of the beekeeping crisis, mass honey production, and climate change, but also by pulling listeners into the emotional story of the beekeeper to bring closer his commitment and great contribution to bees in nature.

The project consists of a short documentary and a scenario that sets a set of products for preserving and consuming the last jar of honey on the table, the place of togetherness. The set of products pays homage to a precious jar of honey which turns the consumption of utensils – spoon and cork, into a ritual that encourages us to preserve or use every drop of honey. The pedestal is made of fir board from the old hive, the former home of the deceased bee community.

The concept has been developed during studies at School of design, Faculty of Architecture Zagreb, academic year 2020/2021, under the mentorship of Ivana Fabrio and assistance of Nika Pavlinek. 


After graduating from the science-mathematics course of Gymnasium Karlovac high school, in August 2017 I saw my name on the list of enrolled students of the School of Design. Enrolling faculty for this special profession and vocation for me meant great responsibility, awe, and courage. With that thought, sincerity, and strong emotion, I embarked on my life’s journey. Through my undergraduate years, the study shaped me as a person, enriched me with knowledge, experiences, and togetherness. It gave me the privilege and challenge to translate my sensibility, with professional opinion, into ideas and actions. After finishing my undergraduate program and becoming BA, I decided to continue my education as a product designer on MA at the School of Design. At the same time, I started working as a Color and Trim Design Intern at Rimac Automobili, currently Bugatii Rimac in the design team which is one of my greatest experiences and opportunities of working with professionals from all around the world. Looking back on my projects, either product, art or graphic orientation, I can easily recognize the particular connection between emotion and the form that naturally appeared through them. Reflection of own personality is a desire to connect with the product, to appreciate it, and to remember it for a long time. Today, my motivation and need are to learn and mature as a designer. I will embrace my opportunities and approach future challenges with responsibility and also, honesty, and own sense.


Instagram: @ktrpcic