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Val, Andraž Rudi Vrhovšek, Slovenia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

Val is a modular partition for open-plan spaces in which the accumulation of noise can lead to a 66% reduction in productivity and health issues, costing EU employers up to 40 billion EUR per year. Val responds to the rapid change of life and work habits as a flexible and light sound-visual barrier enabling us to create various personalised environments for regulated work and relaxation, thus improving our psychoacoustic state. Moreover, its accessories system can turn it into a work unit for a home office.

Val assembles recycled materials which help to reduce waste pollution. Sourced material is made from recycled plastic PET bottles, turned into fibers. As a result, Val saves 170 plastic bottles (considered that bottle weighs 17g) per module from the environment by using various forms of the same material.

The first recycled paper version of Val project (under the name Papiro-logia) has been developed during design studies at Academy of Fine Arts and Design, University of Ljubljana, in academic year 2018/2019, under the mentorship of Lidija Pritržnik, Barbara Predan.


Andraž Rudi Vrhovšek is a graduate industrial designer at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana and a founding member of the ADDiD PLUS collective. By approaching the projects with an emphasis on the research process, the designer discovers unique social and environmental issues—his resulting work expresses integrity, simplicity, playfulness, and unique experiences. The main topic of the designer’s work is the issue of sitting in modern society. Other fields of work include product design, interior design, design of visual communications, and occasional dabble at architecture.


Instagram: @arudiv, @addidplus