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MEENGHE, Djurdja Garčević, Serbia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

This project is a proposal for solving the problem of excessive car tire waste in landfills and nature. Cities constantly grow and need more urban mobiliar objects to be more comfortable and functional. The problem of excessive used car tires is recognized in the world. The goals of this project were to find new places where the tire can be used and to design a product for which the production can use rubber. In this project, the target technology is mainly the mechanical one, separating the material, grinding to the right size, and then joining in a mold with the help of polyurethane. The tire needs to be roused as easily as possible. Products of this level (shredded tires) are usually used instead of virgin materials. For the production of this material, a lot of energy and special technologies are not necessary. The most important thing about this type of recycling is that harmful by-products are not produced. The rubber can be painted in any color before molding.

The use of classic virgin materials like wood, gravel, and metal typical for this kind of products is avoided in this project. The molded shredded tire doesn’t react with rain, water, sun, wind, etc, therefore last longer..The entire family of urban mobiliar products consists of six elements: stool, thrash bin, plant pot, pet keeper, bicycle parking, and traffic stopper. 

The concept has been developed during studies at Faculty of Applied Arts, University of Arts Belgrade, academic year 2019/2020,under the mentorship of Nikola Knezevic. 


Born in Belgrade on 6.5.1996. I have always been interested in nature exploration, insects and cycling. As a kid, I loved spending time shaping the wire and doing different things with my grandfather in his car repair shop. In life, I was inspired by the mechanisms and how they work. Members of my family are artists and geologists, which has influenced my professional orientation. I graduated from the School of Design in Belgrade, majoring in visual arts. After high school, I enrolled in the Faculty of Applied Arts, majoring in industrial design. The determination for this profession stemmed from an interest in the combination of art and science. In life, i plan to pursue eco-friendly product design, game art, illustration and humanitarian work related to animals. While learning, I was able to raise my problem-solving ability to a higher level. I did various projects, each of which required special research and understanding of the problem. I developed the skills of planning, research, analysis, ideation, sketching and problem solving.


Instagram: @jura_juro