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Elena, Eva Garibaldi, Slovenia

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

Elena, Greek form of Helen, shining light. Elena is a minimal raw metal candle holder crafted with a straightforward design language and multifunctional use in mind. The object is crafted with rational production in mind, requiring a minimal amount of actions: four cuts and four welds. The object becomes a centerpiece of the table, illuminating its surroundings. It can be used to either hold a single candle, for a more intimate experience, or tri-candle arrangement – a candelabra, for more illumination.

The object is designed with consideration of the carbon footprint and circular economy, crafted using smaller metal piping leftover pieces from production processes that would otherwise go to waste. Small cut-offs are sold by the metric tone as scrap metal that is either reused or recycled, which requires a lot of energy. By assembling these pieces into a simple candle holder the use of this energy is bypassed and the previously considered waste gains more value.


Eva Garibaldi (b. Ljubljana, 1996) is a multidisciplinary designer and researcher from Slovenia, based in Rotterdam. She holds a BA in Industrial Design from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Ljubljana, Slovenia (2018) and a Master of Interior Architecture: Research + Design (Cum Laude) at the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam (2021). Her graduation project ‘The Unstable Ground’ was a finalist for the WdKA Master Research Award. Her project Paper + Bioplastics was presented in 2020/21 at the exhibitions Future of Living and Tunnel XXIX: Design for a Post-Apocalyptic World in Milan, Eindhoven and Berlin. Her practice is critical and multidisciplinary, engaging with topics focusing on environmental issues, the perception of landscape and understanding the relationship between humans and nature through specific contexts. She works as a temporary coordinator of the Master Interior Architecture: Research + Design program and at the same time develops her independent interdisciplinary practice in Rotterdam.


Instagram: @va_garibaldi