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Avid, Ena Begičević Čeliković, Bosnia and Herzegovina

photo credits: Nebojša Babić

Avid is a name for a collection made of 3 pieces – a mirror, console table and a stool. All three pieces are multifunctional hallway furniture that combine two or more functions. As a furniture for usually the smallest part of our home, it brings maximum functionality through the minimum of material. Still, as furniture for the hallway, the last place we leave our home when we go into the outer world has a special feature. Integrated in wood, there are broken watches in each piece. Made of more than one hundred pieces, few different materials, they are unrecyclable but still worth admiring. Not only because of its complexity but for knowing that humans are capable of making great things. Avid (meaning “being enthusiastic”) is a message for all of us that it is time for deep changes regarding the environment and an enthusiastic faith that we are capable of saving our planet. 


Ena Begičević-Čeliković is born in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated from Academy of Fine Arts, Department for product design on University of Sarajevo. Worked as furniture designer for 6 years in companies such as Standard Furniture Factory and MS&Wood. During this period, she gained experience in designing for industrial production and she visited main European furniture fairs. From September 2020, Ena is owner of design studio Elosso where she provides creative support for domestic and foreign companies. Since then, Ena designed four collections for export oriented domestic furniture producers. She also done few re-branding, packaging and interior designs. Beside this, she works as a teaching assistant at Faculty of Mechanical engineering, Department for Design and woodworking technologies, University of Zenica. Also, Ena is part time employed at Bosnian National Theater in Zenica, as costume and set designer where she worked on more than 20 projects.