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KOZLIK , Kate Vagurina, Russia

Project Kozlik is a modern version of a quick wardrobe. This is a piece of furniture that combines a hanger, a shelf, and a small seat, and also has an umbrella hook.The basic idea that you have every day is to use the handbag, sweater or jacket that you wear when you leave the house. You can half-sit on a small cushion to put on your shoes. In a small shelf, you can store necessary things, such as scarves, gloves or dog leashes. The Kozlik also has a small umbrella hook on the right side and mini-notches on the sides for a key or smartphone. The sit has a not usual high – it’s higher than usual. It is impossible to fully sit on it. But you can lean comfortably while standing. Under Kozlik’s main body

 there is a shelf for storing shoes.


Kate Vagurina is a furniture and industrial designer. She has a diverse portfolio of products for other clients while still pursuing her own ideas. She has participated in various international and local exhibitions and has won several local and international competitions.

She has been working as a successful industrial designer for a large European brand, Roca Group, in Moscow for many years. In 2022 she left her country because of Putin’s war and because she did not see any prospects or opportunities for herself as a designer her homeland. She sees herself belonging in the cultural world so, she moved to Serbia and now lives in Belgrade where she is learning and is getting inspired by the Balkan culture.