Cultural organization Mikser from Belgrade, and furniture manufacturer Nunc from Slavonia (Croatia) are proud to announce the winners of the 1st round of the special edition of the Young Balkan Designers competition which will be presented at the exhibition “Young Balkan Designers: HERE AND NOW” from 11 to 18 October at the Faculty of Forestry in Belgrade.

The members of the competition Jury, consisting of renowned international and regional design experts, Marva Griffin, Henriette Waal, Nikola Radeljković, Jelena Matić, and Maja Lalić, selected 60 projects from 14 countries of the region, to present the full potential of the regional creative scene. The selected projects successfully responded to the call of the competition under the slogan “Here and now” to provide innovative, sustainable, flexible solutions for spaces where the worlds of living, working, playing and exchange increasingly overlap and dynamically change.

The expert team of the Nunc company will select projects among the exhibited works that will be developed into products in the coming months and presented at the International Furniture Fair in Milan in April 2024, as a part of their regular production program. Nunc owes its witty and refreshing approach to design to the cooperation with emerging designers from all over the region, many of whom made their debut on the international stage through the Young Balkan Designers platform.

This unique example of regional cooperation between the creative, academic, and manufacturing sectors makes up for the lack of institutional support for young talents in further training and employment in the sector, but also significantly contributes to the regional exchange of young professionals and their visibility on the international stage.

The First-Round Winners are:

CHAIR C2210, ARHITEKTURA: Aleš and Boštjan Gabrijelčič, Slovenia
LOTUS / TAJETO, Alma Demirović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
MI, Amila Tihić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
COCOON / LOOM, Amina Pilav, Bosnia and Herzegovina
FLORA, Ana Maria Ion, Romania
RUBICO, Anastasija Ilić, Serbia
CONVA, Anđela Ćosić, Serbia
KITE / CINQE / TREN, Anđela Tasković, Serbia
PACTUM-A, Anđelina Radošević, Serbia
OBLAK, Andrea Milić, Serbia
SPELLING, Anna Chang, China
GEOGRID, Asija Mustajbašić, Bosnia and Herzegovina
CR(O)EATION, Barbara Babić and Zvonimir, Medin, Croatia
PERDA / FLIP, Berin Spahić, Bosna i Hercegovina
TROCHIA LAMP COLLECTION, NO ON DESIGN: Dimitar Vranchev, Yulian Mikov, Bulgaria
CALMFUSION, Djurdja Garčević, Serbia
PINNA, Dora Vučemilović, Croatia
3M, Dunja Kovačević, Serbia
OPNA, Dunja Nenadović , Serbia
MOUNTAIN 3 IN 1, Dunja Selaković, Serbia
KOZLIK, Ekaterina Vagurina, Russia
ZALA, Ena Hukić , Bosnia and Herzegovina
MODO, Fadil Ljubović, Bosnia and Hercegovina
OBIČAN 1.0, Gal Grobovšek, Slovenia
BOOBA, George Bosnas, Greece
TRIVERSA, Ilma Pandžo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
DRAWING TABLE, Ivan Mikulić, Croatia
SNUGG, Ivo Maksimović , Serbia
KILIM, Jelena Gajinović, Serbia
JELLY LIGHT TRAPS, Jovana Liščević, Serbia
LACUNA, Katarina Matulin, Croatia
THE SQUARE OF JELENA VITAS, MAPRO: Kenan Čilić, Rijad Sablja, Lejla Mehanoli, Bosnia and Herzegovina
GNEZDO, Lara Đolović, Anđelija Mazić, Serbia
STAK, Lejla Mehanoli, Bosnia and Herzegovina
KEKO, Lidija Petričević, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1184, Linda Baissero, Croatia
NOMA / SHINE, Lotti Gostic, Slovenia
BIOCANDLE, Maja Halilović, Bosnia and Herzegovina
100LICA, Marija Kojić, Serbia
THE CATERPILLAR LAMP, Marina Maksimovic, Serbia
SOFA PACK, Marko Škrbić, Bosnia and Hercegovina
MEETING POINT, Marta Glavčić, Serbia
OQ BAR CHAIR, Milan Ranković, Serbia
TWIST CHAIR, Nenad Merzel, Serbia
ADAPTA SOFA, Ozden Kose, Turkey
TOYFINITY, Petar Ćosić, Serbia
KADUJA, Pjorkkala: Žan Girandon, Pia Groleger, Luka Pleskovič, Slovenia
CONCEPTO PAPILIO, Sandra Jančić, Croatia
ROTO, Sandra Pantelić, Serbia
MODULE 23, Sara Jesihar, Slovenia
DEATH OF THE SUN / STARK, Selena Vunjerović, Serbia
CLIP, Focal studio: Tijana Kostić, Suzana Jakić, Serbia
TOORAĆ, Valentina Fuzul, Croatia

The exhibition “Young Balkan Designers: Here and Now” opens on October 11 at 6 p.m. in the main hall of the Faculty of Forestry, 1 Kneza Višeslava st., Belgrade. 

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